Getting Treated

Both chlamydia and gonorrhea are curable

These STDs can be cured with the right medicine. However, it's important to get regular testing and early treatment. If these STDs are not treated, they can cause permanent damage to your reproductive organs.  This can lead to lasting pain or make it difficult to get pregnant.

How are chlamydia and gonorrhea treated?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are treated with medicines called antibiotics. Usually these medicines are given in a single dose by your doctor. If you need help finding a clinic for treatment, use our clinic locator, or call the STD Hotline: 1-800-758-0880.

Once I'm cured, can I get chlamydia or gonorrhea again?

Yes. You can get chlamydia and gonorrhea more than once even if you have been treated and cured in the past. That's why it's important that your sex partner(s) get treated too. Otherwise, they could re-infect you. If you need help telling your partners that they need to be treated, ask your doctor. Or go to to send your partner an anonymous e-mail message.

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